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Frontpage Web Design
Out Web Design team has been producing quality FrontPage web templates since 1994. Our FrontPage templates are among the highest reviewed at the Microsoft FrontPage Add In Center.
With over 350 FrontPage templates, HTML templates, Dreamweaver templates, logos, and web tools to choose from, Our Web Design team can help you make the most of your web site.



We want people to enjoy your web site, find what they want, and stick around. You catch their eye and draw them in and they know just what to do.They easily navigate through a new experience, the uniQue ness of your site.



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Frontpage Web Design by Searchfit.ws


Frontpage Web Design by Homesite.us.com


Frontpage Web Design by 101WebDesign.us


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Frontpage Web Design by Homesite.biz
Frontpage Web Design ::
Along with our other services that fit your Internet Marketing needs, our web developers will make sure your site is well designed and well optimized to satisfy search engines and your customers.
You found our site didn’t you?

Since the World Wide Web is the most dominant medium for communications and commerce globally, it is essential to have a well-designed functional web site.

With our 9 years of experience in designing/developing websites and our expertise in search engine top ranking results, we are your complete Internet Marketing Solution! Our talented Frontpage Web Design , web development and programming team will make sure that the look and feel as well as the functionality of your web site uniquely fits your business. Your web presence is essential to your business success. Your presence is not known if your site is not seen by any Major Search Engines. Our experience and techniques in optimizing web sites are unmatched by any company that exist today.


Frontpage Web Design by 101Web-Design.net
we implement client partner solutions by integrating
Frontpage Web Design , Web development, Database Development, E-Commerce, Web Hosting and Co-Location, Network Engineering and some hot new Automated and Proactive Promotional Systems that drive traffic.
In short, we assist our business partners in deepening long-term relationships, enhancing business process flows and ultimately, driving top-line revenues and bottom line profitability.


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Design your site to your own specifications. Use your preferred methods, including
HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript to layout your page.
Create a great looking, fully customizeable, highly usable design using SearchFit's
feature packed, template based system.
100% your own Design - HTML based - CSS Style.
Works with virtually any type of code, including Flash and JavaScript.
Ability to use multiple CSS, Category and Product Layout Templates.
Full Generic Web site Integration with 5 Level Web Site Navigation. Or use your Own
Navigation System.
HTML: easy to use database plugins via include text including:
     - Auto Generated Subscribe and Unsubscribe.
     - Auto Generated Search Form/Page.
     - Auto Generated Drop down Menu.
     - Customized Category Display
     - Web Site Check Order Status Link.
Features auto-generated sitemap descriptions of the categories, subcategories,
and products included on every page.
Automated 404 Error Protection with integrated missing HTML Function.
All Standard Text and Text Link “Labels” can be changed to images, buttons,
or different text.
Time and date display for the last time Web site was updated.
Custom Order form fields for each different Product Main or Sub Category.
Integration of Support Web pages to the Shopping Cart System.
Easy Image Upload with automated Unzip Function for Multiple Images via .zip file
Options to have .php or .htm or html file extension.




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We are very praud to offer our Customers the best Email Filtering Service on the Internet
   SearchFit Email Filter Service includes:
  POP3 Email
  Web Email
  Access to Quarantine Area. Ability to block and unblock emails manually.
  Spam Email Filtering
  Virus Filtering
  Attachment Filtering

Email Spam Filtering


  91.5 % of all Incoming Email Filtered As Spam

  1.4 %  of all Incoming Email Infected wit Virus

  7.5 % of all Incoming Email is Legitimate









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